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Sundays With Mike: Take the KMA News Quiz! | News

Sundays With Mike: Take the KMA News Quiz! | News

(Shenandoah) — How well have YOU followed the news on KMA?

Well, it’s time once again to test your knowledge of current events. Live from Television City in Hollywood–actually Media Central Shenandoah, located in my basement–it’s time for another edition of the KMA News Quiz!

The object of the game is simple: You’ll be asked a series of questions based on news stories on KMA and other media outlets. Simply guess the correct answer from among four choices (hint: the other answers are obviously bogus). The answers will be listed at the bottom of the blog–but please, no peeking!

So, put on your thinking cap–and install your sense of humor app on your cell phone–and here we go:

1. KMA announced this week that after 94 years of ownership by the May family, it’s being sold to:

a. Owners of the XFL

b. A group of local investors

c. Snoop Dog

d. The cast of “The Brady Bunch”

2. Voters in the Shenandoah School District go to the polls November 5th on a $14.7 million bond issue for an expansion and renovation of Shenandoah High School. Which of the following is NOT included in that bond issue?

a. A CTE addition to the high school

b. A new gym/fitness facility

c. A new launch pad for Elon Musk’s SpaceX missions

d. “Repurposing” of high school classrooms

3. Bob Burchett, Jon Eric Brantner, Aaron Green, Cynthia Allely-Arman and Jennifer Elliott are all…

a. Shenandoah City Council candidates

b. Contestants on “The Price Is Right”

c. Chicago Cubs relief pitchers

d. UFC competitors

4. Officials with the Flood Recovery Fund Committee awarded the city of Hamburg $6.3 million to…

a. Build a statue of Governor Kim Reynolds

b. Construct a new NASCAR speedway

c. Build a new TV studio for Jimmy Fallon

d. Raise the Ditch 6 levee southwest of the community to 919 feet

5. Nodaway County authorities recently covered an accident on Highway 71 and Route M west of Barnard, in which a motor vehicle struck:

a. A diseased yak

b. Godzilla

c. An elk

d. Someone who thinks Patrick Mahomes is overrated

6. In order to relocate some county offices, the Page County Board of Supervisors recently bid on….

a. Space at the Jordan Creek Mall in West Des Moines

b. The former Clarinda United Methodist Church’s education building

c. Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas

d. The entire city of Braddyville

7. At a recent meeting, the Red Oak City Council discussed an ordinance that would:

a. Prohibit residents from parking vehicles in their front yards

b. Prohibit residents from swimming in the renovated outdoor pool before its finished

c. Require every resident to wear black and orange clothing on Fridays

d. Establish a Montgomery County branch of the Avengers

8. Ric Ocasek, lead singer of the iconic 1980’s rock group the Cars, died this past week at the age of 75. Which of the following songs was NOT a hit record for the group:

a. “You Might Think”

b. “Shake It Up”

c. “Drive”

d. “The Baby Shark Song”

9. Former Shenandoah School District teacher, coach and activities director Bob Sweeney and his wife Kathy recently pledged $10,000–or $1,000 over 10 years–to the Shenandoah Iowa Education Foundation, and challenged other families to:

a. Sit through the entire “Dora the Explorer” movie

b. Wear saddle shoes just like Chuck Offenburger

c. Make that same commitment

d. Wear a Kansas City Chiefs jersey to an Oakland Raiders home game

10. “ESPN College Gameday” recently originated its program from:

a. A Jack-In-The-Box restaurant in Montebello, California

b. The Iowa-Iowa State Game

c. The U.S. southern border

d. Lee Corso’s living room

Here’s the answers: 1. b, 2. c, 3. a, 4. d, 5. c, 6. b, 7. a, 8. d, 9. c, 10. b

So, how well did you do? Here’s a scale to rate your level of local news knowledge:

8-10 answers correct: You’re a KMA News groupie

5-7 answers correct: You need to eat, drink and sleep

2-4 answers correct: You spend too much time watching Netflix

0-1 answers correct: REALLY?? SERIOUSLY??

Mike Peterson is senior news anchor/reporter with KMA News. The opinions expressed in this blog are not necessarily those of this station, its management or its ownership.

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