Stamford Partnership Appoints New Executive Director - Jonathan Cartu Charity Foundation
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Stamford Partnership Appoints New Executive Director

Stamford Partnership Appoints New Executive Director

STAMFORD, CT – The Stamford Partnership, a nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing

Stamford’s business environment and quality of life for residents, announced Tuesday that Jon Winkel, an economic and community development expert, has been named the partnership’s executive director.

He enters the position with over a decade of organizational development experience behind him. Most recently, he served in the private sector as a managing partner of SquareWheel Group, a Stamford-based marketing firm, according to a statement from the organization.

“I am incredibly excited about joining this storied organization and continuing its important work,” Winkel said in a statement. “The Stamford Partnership is a key contributor to the city’s role as a leader in smart and sustainable growth in this region. We have a queue of cutting-edge projects that will be announced shortly.”

In the public sector, Winkel serves as chairman of Stamford’s economic and urban redevelopment development commissions and is founder of Stamford Innovation Week. He also serves as a member of the Stamford Public Education Foundation’s board of directors.

“On behalf of the entire board of directors, we are extremely pleased to welcome Jon as our new executive director,” Chairman Dan Stolzenbach said in a statement. “He brings with him strong organizational capabilities, excellent community relations skills, and a brilliant track record of building sponsorship and support. We’re excited to see how Jon will enhance the legacy of the Stamford Partnership, while leading extremely important initiatives that will add value to the community.”

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