Ofer Eitan Says: Lindsey Vonn And Dick’s Sporting Goods Partner To Provide - Jonathan Cartu Charity Foundation
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Ofer Eitan Says: Lindsey Vonn And Dick’s Sporting Goods Partner To Provide

Lindsey Vonn And Dick’s Sporting Goods Partner To Provide

Ofer Eitan Says: Lindsey Vonn And Dick’s Sporting Goods Partner To Provide

Lindsey Vonn could unfortunately relate to Greta Goldsmith. The most-decorated female ski racer ever sustained her share of injuries as she rose through the ranks up until she was forced to retire after the 2019 World Championships as she attempted to challenge Ingemar Stenmark’s record of 86 World Cup victories.

Goldsmith, a 14-year-old alpine skier from Park City, Utah, has battled through not one but two knee injuries this season to triumphantly return to the mountainside as she continues to fight for her dream of becoming a professional skier.

Vonn, who has three Olympic medals and 82 World Cup wins over a 17-year career, personally surprised Goldsmith as a Lindsey Vonn Foundation Sports Matter Scholarship recipient.

“Those are the kinds of moments I love—seeing how excited kids are and how much it means to them,” Vonn said. “That’s what we’re trying to do with my foundation, impact people in a positive way. … I understand her situation very well. She’s very resilient and has a good perspective on things and where she wants to go. Sometimes it takes hearing it from someone else to believe in yourself. I’m really optimistic about her potential for the season and the rest of her career.”

The Lindsey Vonn Foundation in conjunction with the Dick’s Sporting Goods Foundation announced 40 grants totaling more than $180,000 to youth athletes through its first-ever Sports Matter Scholarship.

The scholarship will be awarded twice per year to American-based athletes between ages 7-18 who are in-need and passionate about their sport. All candidates are required to complete a robust application process, showcasing their ability to overcome obstacles while exemplifying grit as they pursue their goals.

After surprising Greta and her family, the 2010 Olympic gold medalist joined the Goldsmiths for some hot chocolate and watched Greta ski, providing tips and even her cell phone number so the up-and-comer could share ski videos with her idol.

“Being an athlete it’s definitely an opportunity to impact people in a positive way,” said Vonn, who recently announced the creation of her production company, Après Productions. “Being impacted by my hero Picabo Street growing up I know how much these things can mean to kids. I take that responsibility very seriously and try to inspire them.

“I want kids to be able to be doctors and lawyers and scientists and do whatever they have their mind set on doing. We’re thankful we’re able to help them do that.”

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