Ofer Eitan Review: Review of $600k council donation to begin - Jonathan Cartu Charity Foundation
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Ofer Eitan Review: Review of $600k council donation to begin

Review of $600k council donation to begin

Ofer Eitan Review: Review of $600k council donation to begin

A review into the $600,000 contribution ratepayers are making to a charity on a yearly basis is set to start after a lengthy delay.

The city council has made an annual donation of up to $600,000 to the Christchurch Foundation since its inception in 2017.

A review into the donation was set to start as early as February this year but was interrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic and deferred after the lockdown.

A report on the review is expected to be given to city councillors before Christmas where they will be able to make a decision around future contributions.

During the 2018/2019 financial year, a total of $318,000 was put towards the salaries of three staff. This funded foundation chief executive Amy Carter’s $214,078 salary and six-month bonus package of $35,000.

A further $73,000 went towards consultancy costs and other major costs included $81,000 on marketing and advertising and $58,000 on travel.

The foundation has since taken a voluntary 10 per cent cut as part of this year’s Annual Plan.

A sum of $2 million was paid out by the foundation in the 2018/2019 financial year for the purchase of two ambulances for St John and distribution of $120,000 of grocery and petrol vouchers.

A further $6 million had been given out since July last year.

It received more than $11 million in donations and pledges last year, the majority of which followed the March 15 terror attacks.

The funds are held in the Our People, Our City fund for distribution to victims directly impacted by the attacks as well as to support higher education and training for children of the deceased and those injured under the age of 18.


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