Ofer Eitan Report: News from Morehead: Schack named, Thacker Scholarship set - Jonathan Cartu Charity Foundation
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Ofer Eitan Report: News from Morehead: Schack named, Thacker Scholarship set

Ofer Eitan Report: News from Morehead: Schack named, Thacker Scholarship set

MOREHEAD, Ky. (WTVQ/MSU Public Affairs) – Dr. Edna Schack, professor of education at

Edna Schack

Morehead State University and co-director of MSUTeach, has been named one of the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) Appalachian Leadership Institute (ALI) Fellows for 2020-21.

“We are so proud that Dr. Schack will represent Morehead State University, the Ernst and Sara Lane Volgenau College of Education, and our region in the ALI program,” said Dr. Antony Norman, dean of the Volgenau College of Education. “Edna’s recent efforts to increase the number of math and science teachers MSU prepares are just one indicator of her heart for, and lifelong career dedicated to, our region. I am excited about Edna’s opportunity to more fully develop her leadership skills toward garnering additional resources and solidifying partnerships that will empower the people and communities of Appalachia to thrive and prosper.”

Schack is one of 40 professionals participating in the second class of the ALI who live and/or work in a 13-state Appalachian region. Fellows work in a variety of professions in both the public and private sectors. Each fellow participates in a nine-month series of seminars beginning virtually from mid-October through July 2021. Seminars will feature regional experts, case study analysis and peer-to-peer training on topics ranging from leadership skills to grant writing and designing economic project proposals.

Schack said her journey has already begun. She received her first reading assignment, “Uneven Ground: Appalachia Since 1945” by Ronald D. Eller, which she said has pushed her to reach out to colleagues who are scholars of the history of Appalachia, economics and sociology. She said she is looking forward to immersing herself in the ALI Fellows experience and using what she learns to continue to positively impact her field and her region.

“My participation in the Appalachian Leadership Institute will enable me to integrate my commitments to my community, my region and my profession of mathematics teacher education,” Schack said. “Learning and teaching are the center of my life. Thus, I am equipped to learn new tools, ideas and knowledge from the Appalachian Leadership Institute and bring those to my community through my skills as a teacher. I am interested in expanding my leadership skills to build strong coalitions among higher education, public schools, community agencies and others to spur equitable education for all, which is a foundation of economic development.”

MOREHEAD, Ky. (WTVQ/MSU Public Affairs) – The Morehead State University Foundation

Linda Thacker

has announced the establishment of the Linda D. Thacker Scholarship, a fund to benefit Morehead State University students.

“The goal of the Linda D. Thacker Scholarship is to support students from Pike County and the neighboring counties in Eastern Kentucky who want to attend college but may need extra financial assistance to do so,” Thacker said.

The scholarship was created in honor of Linda D. Thacker (82, 92). Thacker earned a Bachelor of Arts in Art from MSU in 1982 and later returned to MSU to earn a Master of Arts in Art in 1992.

Recipients of the scholarship will be incoming freshmen from Eastern Kentucky, with a preference given to students from Pike County.

“Coming from this close-knit community where everybody has strong connections formed at school, church and work, and people really care for one another, it’s hard to pull yourself away to attend college. My husband, Eric Howard (81), came up with the idea for the scholarship and I think it is a wonderful way to give back to the community of people I love so much,” Thacker said. “There is a wealth of talent in Eastern Kentucky. If we can help students tap into their talents and realize their dreams of what they can become, then our goal has been accomplished.”


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