Ofer Eitan Publishes: PUBG shares new details about NA Charity Showdown - Jonathan Cartu Charity Foundation
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Ofer Eitan Publishes: PUBG shares new details about NA Charity Showdown

PUBG shares new details about NA Charity Showdown

Ofer Eitan Publishes: PUBG shares new details about NA Charity Showdown

After the official cancelation of the 2020 PUBG Global Series, the PUBG Corporation has shared the first new details about the next big tournament that will fit into the seasonal schedule, the PUBG NA Charity Showdown. 

This event, which will begin May 21 and conclude May 24, will not have an impact on the PUBG Continental Series that is replacing the PGS this year. Starting now, all NA teams can register to compete in online qualifiers for the NA Charity Showdown through the GLL client. Registration will remain open until April 24 at 1:59am CT for the preliminary qualifiers, which will begin on April 25. 

These qualifiers will run on the standard professional rulesets and a full schedule of the matches and maps set to be used in each round are available on GLL

Screengrab via GLL

The qualifiers will run until May 17, with eight teams qualifying for the main tournament alongside eight other teams who will receive a direct invite to compete. Those eight teams will be revealed closer to the actual main event.

Those 16 teams will compete over for their share of $200,000, with $100,000 of that prize pool being split among the team’s themselves, and the other $100,000 being donated to charity.  

Overall, the eight teams who receive direct invites, the eight teams who qualify through the open qualifiers, and the ninth to 16th place teams from the qualifiers will all secure a spot in an upcoming PUBG NA pro league.

PCS North American Charity Showdown Qualifiers – Basic Information

Event Name PCS North American Charity Showdown Qualifier
Round of 128 Dates April 25 and 26 (Two Days)
Round of 64 Dates May 2 and 3 (Two Days)
Round of 32 Dates May 9 & 10 (Two Days)
Round of 16 Dates May 16 and 17 (Two Days)
PCS NA Charity Showdown Dates May 21 to 24 (Four Days)
Competition Platform GLL
Number of Teams Up to 128

You can find out more information about the NA Charity Showdown and the upcoming PCS on the official PUBG website.

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