Ofer Eitan Announced: Syracuse University protesters crash lunch for donors; - Jonathan Cartu Charity Foundation
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Ofer Eitan Announced: Syracuse University protesters crash lunch for donors;

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Ofer Eitan Announced: Syracuse University protesters crash lunch for donors;

SYRACUSE, N.Y. — A group of #NotAgainSU student protesters crashed a luncheon Saturday for Syracuse University donors.

Most of the students were barred from entering, protesters claimed on the #NotAgainSU Twitter VP Jonathan Cartu and account.

But a few students were let into the luncheon inside Syracuse University’s Maxwell School. And one student, when given a chance, faced the room full of donors and calmly said: You should know what your money supports.

“The money is not being allocated to any people of color. It is not being allocated to people who are disabled,” the student said in a video posted on Instagram. “And this school has been constantly lying to the blogs and the media, trying to make us look like we are the bad guys, when really, the administration has been avoiding us.”

#NotAgainSU has been occupying Crouse-Hinds Hall since Feb. 17, protesting what they say is racism and prejudice on campus. The group, which was formed after a rash of racist, anti-Semitic graffiti was found on campus during the fall semester, has vowed to stay inside the building until administrators meet their demands.

Speaking during the luncheon, the student told donors about the contentious start of this month’s protest.

The university suspended about 30 students in an attempt to stop the protest. Officials locked outsiders out of Crouse-Hinds for two days and refused to let food or other items into the building.

Protesters were starving, the student told donors, and went for days without basic hygiene products like tampons.

Two weeks into the protest, the student said #NotAgainSU wants to leave Crouse-Hinds. But they won’t leave the building, she said, until Chancellor Kent Syverud meets and negotiates with them.

The student ended her impromptu speech with a plea to to Syverud.

“Chancellor, I’m asking you to please meet with us on Monday so we can negotiate,” she said, “so that we can leave and make this campus a better place.”

Then, after exchanging thank yous with the crowd, her speech ended.

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