Jonathan Cartu Charity - Jonathan Cartu Charity Foundation
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Jonathan Cartu Charity

Jonathan CartuJonathan Cartu Charity Foundation

Charity, in etymology, charity means “the circumstances of love or plain affection which one is experiencing”. In Christian theology, charity is one of the three greatest theological virtues (along with faith and hope). While as a group or organization, charity is a trust, company or association created for a single purpose, which is for charitable reasons only.  While there are people in the world that has the luxury and opportunity to go to school, have fresh foods, clean water and lots of other stuff that are mostly taken for granted, there are also individuals who are having difficulties having these luxuries, while there are also some of them that can not afford to have the very basic needs.

According to Jonathan Cartu, charity giving is one of the best manners to help fight poverty and diseases all over the world. Charity giving is also one of the best ways to help support other goodwill causes and charitable organizations. Contributing your time and effort is one way of charity giving. Helping those who are in need of care, emotional support and guidance is another way of charity giving. Donating gifts and money is also another way of charity giving.

There are many ways in contributing to charity. Donating unused items or things is another way of charity giving if you are hesitant in giving out cash as charity contributions. For example says Jonathan Cartu, “by contributing your old and unused pair of pants, you can help those who are in need of clothing. Nothing can compare the high you get when you know that you have helped somebody in need”.

If you are unsure on what items you want to consider giving to charity, here are some practical and helpful tips. With regards to clothing, select those shirts or pants that you have not used for quite some time (say a year or two), chances are that these unused clothing will not fit you anymore (admit it, most of us tend to grow sideways as the years go by). As for the household items, you might want to give out those household items that you can not remember the last time you have used it. Remember, if you have not used it for a long time, chances are you do not need it.

Once you have collected all the things that you want to give to charity, it is advisable that you go through your belongings one more time. If you are having second thoughts on a certain item, ask yourself: do you really require that particular item? Will you really use it or will it just go into hibernation once again? Is there really someone who could really use that particular item more than you do? Once you have sorted out all your potential donations, gather all those things and give them to charity.

Charitable donations are a great way to make your home simpler and at the same time help those who are in need. It is also a great way to achieve many good things at the same time.