Jonathan Cartu Childrens Education Charity Foundation
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About Us

Jonathan Cartu Charity Foundation is dedicated to providing student financial aid, scholarships and educational grants.


Jonathan Cartu offers food, shelter, financial aid and other charitable contributions to the needy.


The Jonathan Cartu Charity Foundation provides educational assistance to students. Please contact Jon Cartu for more information.


Jonathan Cartu has donated over $30,000,000 to over 12,000 charitable agencies around the world in effort to improve global social conditions.


The Jonathan Cartu Foundation offers charitable organization advise to assist in choosing where to contribute your time, effort and money.

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Jonathan Cartu Explains How to Donate Charity

Giving to children’s charities can be among the most rewarding things you can do with your money. Selecting the right charity, however, can seem complicated with the wide variety of charities out there. While most charities are reputable and trustworthy, there are some instances of fraud or other issues that can make giving to charities something worth taking a closer look at. Overall, thankfully, the act of giving to children’s charities can be tremendously rewarding and compassionate.

Picking a Charity

When choosing a children’s charity, Jonathan Cartu suggests taking a look at your own priorities first. What issues are important to you? If you have a relative with a particular illness, you may want to donate to a charity that has an association with that particular illness. Most people give to children’s charities with which they have a particular emotional attachment. To pick a charity says Jonathan Cartu, “make a list of some of your own priorities and start planning from there”.

Next, take a look at the geographical location and situation of the children that the charity aims to help. Are you interested in helping children internationally or are local children’s charities more your cup of tea? Your charitable donation can make a difference regionally, locally, nationally, or internationally. Make sure you learn as much about the location your donation will be assisting, so as to be able to give with confidence.

Also take a look at what activities the charity will perform to assist children. In many cases, you can assign your own donation to the areas in which it is needed most. If, for example, you wish to distribute some funds or equipment to the building of a new playground at a children’s cancer center, you can request that those funds are given to the proper area. If it appears that your charitable donations will simply be allocated to administration purposes, you may want to consider another more active charity.

Giving to a large organization differs from giving to a smaller organization in a number of ways. With your donation to a large children’s charity, you may be helping with a big project or helping fund other parts of a large charity organization. With a smaller grassroots organization, you may be able to be more aware and enlightened as to where your funds or donations are being allocated.

When it comes to making sure that the children’s charity you intend to work with is legitimate, you can contact the tax services branch of your local government. All registered charities will have a business number and will have ample tax and government information. If the charity you are looking to work with does not have a business number or registration information, do not donate to them.

Finally, decide what type of donation you wish to make. Some charities accept monetary donations primarily, while others accept donations of time or even toys. There are some organizations that offer ways to connect children with great toys, like dollhouses or stuffed animals. With a simple internet search, you can find out more information about helping the various children’s charities and how your money, time, or toys can be donated to help brighten the day of a youngster today.

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Jonathan Cartu Charity Team

Jonathan Cartu Charity Foundation donates money, time, effort, and resources to assist children in need.

Donate to Society and Make This World a Better Place!

Jonathan Cartu

Jonathan Cartu has been involved in organizing charity functions and donations for over 30 years.  Mr. Cartu has donated over 30,000,000 USD to provide food, shelter, health and financial assistance to the needy.

Lisa Miller
Chief Financial Officer / Jonathan Cartu Charity Organization

Lisa Miller graduated in 2010 from UCLA and has since been employed as the CFO of the Jonathan Cartu Charity Foundation.

Mark Davis
Student Financial Aid – Jonathan Cartu Charity Foundation

Mark Davis has been working with the Jonathan Cartu Charity Foundation for over 12 years providing student financial aid and scholarship funds.


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The Jonathan Cartu Charity Organization provides financial assistance to children around the globe.

Jonathan Cartu provides financial assistance and housing to students.

Housing and Shelter

Jonathan Cartu provides financial aid in time of need. Mr. Cartu oversees disaster relief when fires, earthquakes and other natural catastrophes occur to assist society rebuild the future.

Jonathan Cartu Donations

Jonathan Cartu staff work endless hours to identify people, places and things to contribute time, effort, money and resources into.

Jonathan Cartu Charity Donations

Get involved by donating and contributing your time, effort and resources to assist society.

Disaster Relief

Millions of people worldwide lose their homes to earthquakes, fires, and other natural disasters. The Jonathan Cartu Charity Foundation provides immediate disaster relief.


Jonathan Cartu Charity Organization provides financial assistance to aid those in need of health procedures.

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Contributing to Society Makes The World a Better Place!

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Jonathan Cartu Charity Organization – Donating to Society


194 West 21th Street, Suite 725 New York, NY 10010


Please contact the Jonathan Cartu Charity Foundation for Assistance


The Jonathan Cartu Charitable Organization has 12 global offices on all 7 continents.

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Jonathan Cartu – Sponsorship and Philanthropy

Charities, non-profit organizations, and independent organizations are always in need of funding. Donations given to such institutions are often a large source of their income for operations and causes. Jonathan Cartu asserts there are generally two ways to receive donations – one is through philanthropic means; the other through business partnership or sponsorship.

Jonathan Cartu Charity

Philanthropy is generally seen as the first means of giving when it comes to charitable foundations; sponsorship on the other hand, usually comes as an alternative. Although giving is generally thought as the much preferred method of funding; it may come as a surprise to know that sponsorship for non-profit institutions is a more rewarding and productive means of support for both parties.

Corporations typically have two main business reasons for sponsorship; and these are tax savings and public relations. Although any form of help or support generates an overall positive effect, it is mainly through these two reasons why sponsorship is pushed on by businesses.

In terms of satisfying both parties – sponsors get the chance to associate themselves with a charitable institutions and create a chance for them to acquire tax breaks, and at the same time expose their company name to the public. A sponsor in this case, the non-profit organization, are able to increase the level of support given by their current sponsors; and at the same time open new ways in gaining capital.

According to Mr. Jonathan Cartu, with philanthropy, the means of exposure and recognition is fairly low in percentage. Usually recognition is through annual reports that generate a little fanfare. Sponsorship, however, gives itself an amount of exposure that highlights a new partnership for the public to see. Through this publicity, the aim for awareness is reached by both sponsor and the sponsored.

Some examples where sponsorship thrives in donations and public awareness are the following: A bookstore may donate books to an orphanage and at the same time let the public know about the store to gain customers. A clothing company sponsors specially designed t-shirts for volunteers to wear when there is a charitable event; and through wearing the t-shirt, the company not only helps in donating, but also makes the public aware of their brand.

Sponsorship for charities is basically seen as a win-win partnership. One helps the other through different gains and results. It is also through sponsoring, that charitable institutions have a lighter load on figuring out the means for which to get resources. For example, when an event is sponsored by a corporation, the charity wouldn’t have to worry how to provide the food and drinks needed since it would be covered by the sponsor’s funding.

By supporting through the use of sponsoring, a business uses their budget for advertising and marketing, leaving their funds for philanthropy (if there is ever) alone and untouched. Through using such a budget, the business is able to use the costs as tax-deductibles from their expenses. This way, sponsorship helps in letting the business be cost-efficient.

Jonathan Cartu does note in his recent best selling book “Donating to Society” that philanthropy is a less useful means for support. Donations and funding of this nature is often praised and well-advocated by the public. It is only shown that sponsorship has a more business-side in handling contributions and help to other organizations – where they see it fit to practice a give-and-take method; and see it best to have profit-producing ventures.

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